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Exjobba med HoloLens och Augmented/Mixed Reality på Advrty

Virtual Interaction in Mixed Reality with HoloLens

About Advrty

Advrty is developing a revolutionary brand advertising platform for Virtual and Mixed Realities. Our unique method to define, deliver, experience and measure ads in these new realities has the potential to globally disrupt traditional media ad spend and will play a crucial part in the monetization of games and apps in these new digital experiences.

At Advrty you get an opportunity to work in a startup environment with an experienced team focused on the technologies and digital behaviors of tomorrow. We are located at Embassy, a new VR-focused business hub in the very heart of Stockholm city.

About the Thesis

The scope of this thesis is to establish an understanding of SLAM data generated from an Augmented Reality HMD and use this intelligence to cleverly insert and interact with virtual 3D objects in a static or moving real environment. You will work with the HoloLens in Unity or Visual Studio and write AI and behavior patterns to simulate various real-time scenarios.


C++/C# 3D graphics Linear Algebra Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Artificial Intelligence Unity/Visual Studio (VR/AR-specific knowledge is a merit) Microsoft HoloLens


Niklas Bakos 0703 66 96 46 Advrty AB Tegelbacken 4A SE-101 23 Stockholm Sweden

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